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Hiking Cabins

Hiking Cabins

DSC00639The Groenpark Campsite has been acknowledged by the Flanders Tourism Board as an ideal place for bicycles. At our campsite you will find everything that bike lovers could wish for, covered parking areas, practical repair kits, a place to dry your clothes etc. We can arrange bicycle excursions of all types of combinations; bike and car, bike and public transport or bikes alone. We can also help you to plan your trip beyond our region: Flemish Brabant, the region of Leiestreek, Gent or the Flemish Ardennes.

Our cabins have been included in the official cabin route published by the Cabin Foundation for Holidaymakers in Holland. They are simple wooden cabins which hold 4 peoples. They are equipped with a table, chairs, beds, kitchen, central heating and garden furniture. Ideal for enjoy the campsite without having to take too much equipment or luggage. All you will need to bring is sheets and a blanket or a sleeping bag

Our cabins have an ideal location close to our “lappa”, a covered, South African style barbeque. Each cabin has its own picnic table. Nearby you will find modern washing facilities with all the amenities you could want.

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Would you like to try out an excursion by bike for a few days going from one cabin to another? You will find more information of cabins in Flanders and Holland