Camping Groenpark


The Groenpark Campsite Surroundings

Near Gent

Dia INTERZET_Gent (WinCE)Should you wish to lose yourself in a vibrant, urbane lifestyle need look no further than Gent. Located nearby, it is an old city bustling with history, gastronomy, culture and tempting shopping areas. Easily accessible by car, bike or public transport. Zie website Gent.



Natural surroundings

DSC00657The Groenpark Campsite is located in a peaceful spot bordering a beautiful natural park. Our campsite has autochthonous woodland and a beautifully cared for lawn. On both sides of our exceptional fish pond you will find a green oasis: a delightful and agreeable place to relax with a good book.


DonkmeerBerlare6 (WinCE)Our campsite is located on the border between the municipalities of Zele and Overmeer (Berlare) in the province of Eastern Flanders, in the green area of  Scheldeland. This region between Eastern Flanders and Antwerp is renowned for its charming villages along the course of waterways, interchanges for pedestrians and cyclists, and its gastronomy, particularly eels. Scheldeland is an ideal place for cycling, walking or enjoying long boat trips.

At a short distance on foot from the campsite we find the charming lake at Donkmeer. Cyclists and hikers never get bored visiting this place. A lake with more than 86 hectares of space, one of the largest in Belgium, was formed in the Seventeenth Century, when the fens flooded. Nature in this area is of particular beauty. On the lake you can take part in canoeing, rent a pedalo or an electric boat. Another popular activity you can try is fishing.

The numerous restaurants in the Donkmeer region are renowned for their signature dishes of eels. Eel farming on the lake is too limited to satisfy demand and so the eel is imported from other European nations in tanker trucks. After treatment in the lake with the typical waters of Donkmeer lake, the eels are sent ready for cooking to the restaurants’ kitchens. Chefs use several recipes to prepare delicious dishes with eels: roasted in a parsley sauce, with snow-capped mushroom, with tomatoes or Provençale style.

Nieuwdonk is a spacious leisure area measuring 175 hectares in size and 26 hectares of water that offers an extensive range of possibilities: water sports, meadows where you can lounge about, beach, lake for taking a dip and wonderful children’s parks.


In Overmere the 1798 the revolt of the peasants against the French oppressors took place, a popular uprising that swept through all of Flanders. A new museum next to the lake remembers these times.

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Also of great beauty is the area around Waasmunster with its extensive forests that alternate between heaths and sandy hill. A short walk from the centre of Waasmunster you will find the former Abbey of Rozenberg. Also worth a visit is Dendermonde, where the Dender and Escalda rivers converge, famous for the legend of the Four Sons of Aymon and the Bayard Steed.

GroteMarkt (WinCE)

As well as the beauty of the fluvial landscape of Eastern Flanders, our campsite offers the advantage of having a central location to use as a base to visit the great artistic centres of Flanders Gent, Antwerpen and Brugge. Ideal for day trips.